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Large Motor Repair

Fully Equipped for Large Motor Repair

You can depend on Janda Motor Services for a diversified range of motor repairs, including large motors. Our shops are fully equipped to move, repair, and test motors of all sizes.

Specialized Tools for Prompt Repairs

Repairing your motors quickly and correctly requires highly specialized equipment. Our shops contain everything we need to perform precision repairs on your motors. From machining to testing, our technicians have the solutions to your engineering, mechanical, and electrical problems.
  • 15-ton bridge crane
  • Large lathes — 5 ft. swing and 12 ft. between centers
  • 12,000-lb. balancer
  • 8 ft. diameter VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) insulation system

Comprehensive Motor Testing

Thorough testing is a critical step in our repair process. By quickly returning fully tested, reliable motors to our clients, we strive to keep all the customers we serve. Over 50 years, we've earned their trust, their repeat business, and their referrals.
  • PdMA testing to add quality assurance on the higher voltage repair and enable us to offer on-site services to our customers
  • LUDECA vibration analysis
  • Baker winding analyzer
  • Motor test pad
Our motor test pad sets us apart from the competition. It's an essential part of our final inspection that enables us to test vibration and soft foot conditions in large and small motor repairs. Its testing and reporting capabilities ensure that you always receive a quality repair and the best service possible.
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